What information does the study guide provide?

The Study Guide is a comprehensive guide. We do not make representations that it is “everything” you might need. We strive to provide enough information to successfully pass the exam. Variations in each student’s knowledge and competency prevents us from predicting results. The Study Guide is not just a repeat of the laws and rules. There are questions to self-test and evaluate your knowledge. We always recommend reviewing the Board of Pharmacy’s website for any recent changes in laws as well as published statute and rules.

How do I get access to the study guides?

Use your credit card to purchase the study guide you’re looking for and then click on the PDF icon to download the file to your computer. You will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to be able to access these files. Once it is downloaded you may print the study guide and you now have a paper copy to use.

How often are the study guides updated?

Our Study Guides are updated annually based off published revisions. Although we can make no assurance, the exam typically does not test on changes less than one year old. Our study guides are created as a review only and not the primary source of information regarding all the federal and state materials impacting pharmacy practice. Please refer to the state’s Board of Pharmacy website for any updates in the law that may have taken place after our study guide was published.

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